31 of December 2019

Menu New Year’s Eve 2018/2019    

Menu New Year’s Eve 2018/2019    


- terrina / pâté / of rabbit in carrot

- marinated goose fillet with cranberry and horseradish mousse

- pork tenderloins in bread shell, breadstuff, butter

Selection of soups:

- butter soup with cep mushrooms and batter noodles

- bouillon with poultry meatballs

Selection of main dishes:

- wild boar loin marinated in a hunter’s sauce and dumplings

- codfish on spinach with tomato sauce served with mix of white and wild rice

- chicken breast with sun-dried tomato, lemon and cheese sauce and a potato croquet

To each dish: side salads

Hot meal around 2 a.m.

- red borscht with diablotins

Dessert bar:

- Chocolate fondue, cut fruit, pineapple, melon, strawberries, mandarins

- Banquet cookies, fruit cupcakes, sliced cakes, rolls, wafers

- fruit canapes, fruit shashliks, bowls with fruit

- panna cotta with raspberry sauce, tiramisu, chocolate cream

Regional table:

- goulash soup with haloushki

- cut loin, calf pâté with cranberry, roasted bacon, smoked meats

- chicken jellies, rolls with horseradish cream

- loin with fruit in a jelly, tartar sauce with egg

- canapes with bundz cheese and mozzarella, stuffed cherry tomatoes

- smoked ewe’s milk cheese ‘oscypek’, korboce cheese, bundz cheese with tomato

- home-made lard, pickled cucumbers,

- saffron milk cups marinated in tomatoes, marinated paprika

- grilled paprika and paprika marinated in garlic

- herrings in cream and saffron milk cups, marinated eggplant

- bread rolls,

- celery and grapes salad, New Year’s Eve salad


Open alcohol bar included in price.

Vodka Stock Prestige, Finlandia,




Toorank tinctures

Gin Gordons

Martini Bianco and extra dry for drinks, Campari

Liqueurs Marie Brizard

Jack Daniels

Jack Daniels Honey


White and red wine house type

Sparkling wine

Beer in assortment

Soda, juices

Coffee, tea

Starting from 9 p.m. to 4.30 a.m.

                                                           Price PLN 699 per person

                                                           PLN 599 per person – upper hall

                                                           Children up to 14 – PLN 300

                                                           Children up to 3 – free of charge



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