Breakfast served in the form of Swedish buffet between 7:30 and 10:30 for 45 pln /person.

Breakfast cereals, yoghurts, various breads, buns, butter, fitness baguette, spicy
baguette, crosants, cake, banana, apple, seasonal fruit, jam, honey.
Baked bacon, veal pâté, homemade sausage, Piast ham, poultry sausage, salsa.
Cheese, smoked cheese, mould cheese, white cheese,
“bundz” (regional cheese – seasonal),
fruit cocktail, horseradish, cranberry,
cottage cheese with chives, salad,
fruit salad, tomato with onion,
mayonnaise eggs.

Breakfast menu to order from menu between 7:30 and 12:00
Butter 3 pln
Jam 3 pln
Honey3 pln
Bread 5 pln
Cottage cheese 8 pln
Eggs, Vienna style 10 pln
Three scrambled eggs on butter z11 pln
Three scrambled eggs on bacon 13 pln
Three scrambled eggs with button mushrooms and onion 12 pln
Three scrambled eggs on bacon. 13 pln
Hot sausages 11 pln
Selection of cold meats 33 pln
Selection of regional cheeses 33 pln

Traditional bread with home–made pork dripping 12 PLN
Herring in oil 18 PLN
 Herring in sour cream 19 PLN
Herring with saffron milk mushrooms 29 PLN
Steak Tatare 39 PLN
Platter of regional cheeses 33 PLN
Platter of cold meats 33 PLN
Beef sirloin carpaccio served with toasts and Grana Padano cheese 45 pln

Stone–baked potato pancake with garlic butter 16 PLN
Grilled “łoscypek” – regional smoked sheep’s cheese 24 PLN
Saffron milk mushrooms fried in butter 36 PLN
Regional black pudding roasted with apple 14 PLN
Lamb sausages 23 PLN
Lamb chop 49 PLN

“Sabała” salad with roast turkey breast 32 PLN
Salad with smoked trout 33 PLN
Vegan salad 30 PLN

Broth with macaroni 14 PLN
Garlic soup with croutons 15 PLN
Highland robbers style sour soup made from fermented rye flour and whey served with hard boiled egg and sausage 18 PLN
Beetroot cream with “bryndza” (regional white sheep`s milk cheese spread) 19 PLN
Traditional highlander sauerkraut soup with pork ribs 16 PLN
Soup of porcini mushrooms served in a bread bowl 22 PLN
A cauldron of goulash with vegetables and “hałuski” noodles 25 PLN
Beetroot soup with minced meat or mushroom croquette 18 PLN

Pork knuckle baked on cabbage with “grule” (local potatoes) 100 g 14 PLN
Bone–in pork chop with potatoes and fried cabbage 48 PLN
Grilled „Sabała” cutlet baked with onions, bacon and oscypek 35 PLN
Breaded chicken breast a la de Volaille 32 PLN
Pork loin shashlik with bacon, peppers and onions 39 PLN
Highlander’s potato pancakes with hot goulash, mayonnaise and cream dip, and smoked ewe’s milk cheese 39 PLN
Potato pancakes with boletus sauce 39 PLN
Cabbage Leaves stuffed with meat with mushroom or tomato sauce 28 PLN
Pork rib grilled with potatoes in skin 45 PLN
Grilled veal sirloins with saffron milk mushrooms sauce 59 PLN
Beef tenderloin
- with garlic butter and flakes 55 PLN
- in pepper sauce 58 PLN
with boletus sauce 66 PLN
Lamb shin  100 g 15 PLN
Duck steak with candied cranberry apple 39 PLN
Lamb ramstick with potato pancake 58 PLN
Lamb served in the pan 95 PLN

“Sabała Feast” platter dish for 2 persons 99 PLN
lamb sausage, roasted rib, bacon, turkey fillet, meat dumplings, “Russian
pierogi” (dumplings with potato and cheese stuffing), coated “łoscypek”
(regional smoked sheep’s cheese), fried cabbage, roast potatoes with dip

“Sabała Feast” platter dish for 4 persons 199 PLN
roasted rib, pork knuckle, pork shish kebab, lamb sausage, bacon, turkey fillet,
fried cabbage, roast potatoes with dip, “Russian pierogi” (dumplings with
potato and cheese stuffing), meat dumplings

Brown trout fried in butter 100 g 12 PLN
Brown trout boiled with vegetables 100 g 14 PLN
Salmon fillet fried on a grill 40 PLN
Steam–cooked zander with grilled vegetables and yoghurt and honey sauce 44 PLN

“Russian style” dumplings (filled with mashed potatoes and onions) topped with diced bacon 10 szt. 22 PLN
Dumplings filled with sauerkraut and mushroom 23 PLN
Dumplings filled with minced meat topped with diced bacon 23 PLN
Dumplings with spinach and bryndza (regional white sheep`s milk cheese spread) 10 szt. 24 PLN
Dumplings with lamb served with porcini mushrooms and “łoscypek” (regional sheep`s cheese) 39 PLN
Mix of dumplings: Russian style, meat, with spinach, with sauerkraut and mushrooms) 49 PLN

Penne with chicken and dried tomatoes in cream sauce 35 PLN
Papardelle with boletus 38 pln
Spaghetti Pomodoro 32 pln
Spaghetti Bolognese 35 pln
Spaghetti Carbonara 35 pln
Spaghetti Frutti Di Mare 39 pln

Salad bar 13 PLN
Boiled vegetables 13 PLN
Pan–fried cabbage 8 PLN
Boiled potatoes 6 PLN
Potatoes fried up with cumin 7 PLN
Jacked potatos 9 PLN
Silesia potato dumplings (boiled). 9 PLN
French fries 8 PLN
White rice 6 PLN
Bread 4,50 PLN

Pork dripping 18 PLN
Cranberry sauce 25 PLN
Marinated saffron milk mushrooms 39 PLN

Tomato soup with noodles or rice10 PLN
Broth with pasta 9 PLN
Cornflake–crusted turkey fillet with chips or smiley face potatoes Putenfilet in Cornflakes Panade mit Pommes 22 PLN
Breaded fish finger with French fries or potato “smileys” 20 PLN
Deep fried chicken fingers with chips or smiley face potatoes 21 PLN
Spaghetti Pomodoro 18 PLN
Noodles with raspberry sauce 12 PLN
Pancake with Nutella. 13 PLN
Lody pajacyk 8 PLN
scoop of vanilla ice cream, whipped cream, sprinkles, chocolate sauce
Lody motylek 9,50 PLN
two scoops of vanilla ice cream, whipped cream, strawberry sauce
two scoops of vanilla ice cream, whipped cream, sprinkles

Hot apple pie with ice cream 15 PLN
Cheesecake with raspberry sauce and chocolate flakes 14 PLN
Pancakes with cheese, chocolate flakes and vanilla sauce 20 PLN
Tiramisu 16 PLN

Owocowy Sad 17 PLN
three scoops of ice cream (vanilla, blueberry, apple and cherry),
whipped cream, seasonal fruit, cherry sauce
Sonata Lodowa 18 PLN
two scoops of vanilla ice cream, a scoop of chocolate ice cream,
whipped cream, banana, advocat liqueur
Orzechowe Marzenie 19 PLN
scoop of vanilla ice cream, two scoops of walnut ice cream,
whipped cream, nuts, toffee sauce



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